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Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Apple Previews WarCraft III
8:31 AM | Daniel Bogan | Comment on this story

Our friends over at Apple's Games section have posted a fresh preview of the upcoming WarCraft III from Blizzard, with an overview of what we can expect from this hot real-time strategy title, including several screenshots and quotes from Blizzard North's vice-president, Bill Roper.

Here's a small snippet from the article:

Like the previous games in the WarCraft series, Reign of Chaos continues the story of the kingdom of Azeroth, where orcs and humans wage war for supremacy of the land. This time, however, they are joined by the night elves and the undead, who are also bent on controlling the land, and Roper promises that the four single-player campaigns one for each race, with eight chapters per campaign will uncover much information about them.
WarCraft III is scheduled to be released in early July for Mac and PC. Be sure to check out the rest of the article for the full scoop.

Apple Previews WarCraft III
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