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Wednesday, June 5, 2002
Nanosaur Comic Released Free on Web
9:57 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Nearly a year ago, IMG reported on the progress of a comic book based on Pangea Software's popular 3D dinosaur game Nanosaur. The comic book itself, titled Nanosaur #1 Countdown to Extinction, was delayed indefinitely due to publisher issues. Therefore, the creators have decided to make it available for free on the web. This is great news for those who might not have had the chance to see the finished version, as the comic contains very high quality art and color work. Here's a clip from the site about the story of Nanosaur:

Nanosaur is based on the exciting Macintosh Video Game of the same name. Like the game, the Nanosaur in the story is sent back in time to collect Dinosaur eggs of all the species, and send them through a space-time continuum before the meteor hits. He must succeed, or the Dinosaurs may be wiped out again. Heís equipped with a fitted detachable gun in order to defend himself and even the odds of his survival. The Nanosaurís mission is simple enough, until he is faced with the conflict of having to kill his own kind, in order to save them in the future. As the story unfolds, he realizes thatís just the beginning of his problems.

Nanosaur features the talents of seasoned artists Kevin Conrad and Todd Broeker, as well as the gifted newcomer, Rich Bonk. Rich has studied under the top artists in the industry and inked for some of the top publishers, preparing him for his debut as penciller/co-inker on Nanosaur, creating Dinosaur art thatís nothing short of stunning. A veteran of many top-selling comics, Kevin gives definition and character to the art through his incredible inking style. Todd, whose known for his color work on numerous titles over the past ten years, not only brings his realistic, earthy colors to complete the look of the art, but makes his writing debut for the story of Nanosaur.

Head to Bonkya.com now to check out the full version of the first (and possibly only) episode of the Nanosaur comic.

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