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Monday, August 7, 2000
MacGameDesigner now
11:10 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Mac games supporter Carlos Camacho has informed us that his site supporting Mac game development, previously entitled, has been re-launched as This site is a growing resource for those interested in Mac game programming, with an emphasis on Mac-first titles. Here's Camacho on his new site:

I had a site called The traffic was slow, but we were
working hard towards building the site. It has been re-named, I have been trying to reach Mac game programmers like
crazy to help out and build up the new site. There is still much work to be
done. In a way, our platform has NEVER really had a site devoted solely to
making games for the Mac. I want to take all those scattered game
programmers and bring them in from the rain. (i.e. Give them a place they
can call home.) If you search for game programming sites, you will find
hundreds devoted to the PC. And one, (us) devoted to the Mac.
If you are interested in either becoming a Mac games programmer or contributing to, be sure and stop by this site. We'd also like to remind potential programmers about Mac Demos HQ, another great resource of code and coding info. Remember, Mac-only games such as Pathways into Darkness and Marathon were the titles that inspired the initial growth of the Mac game market -- the time is ripe for the next Bungie to emerge, so get cracking!

Mac Demos HQ

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