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Monday, June 3, 2002

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GarageGames June Newsletter Released
1:15 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The latest newsletter from independent game company GarageGames has been released for the month of June. The long (and image heavy) newsletter features a number of articles talking about the recent E3 expo, gaming in general, and of course their powerful 3D engine Torque which was used for Tribes 2 and is now available for $100 for would-be game developers.

One of the most interesting articles concerns a new game in the works from GarageGames Jeff Tunnell called Chain Reaction. The title is really a side-project for Tunnell through another company called Monster Studios, but Chain Reaction looks to be an excellent successor to one of his previous Sierra titles, The Incredible Machine. Many Mac users will remember this fun and educational game as a sort of Rube Goldberg construction set.

Chain Reaction looks to be a nice 3D implementation of The Incredible Machine, and Tunnell talks about how the game is progressing at length:

Bryan: What kind of game is Chain Reaction?

Jeff: For those that have not seen our website, Chain Reaction is all about placing small parts on the screen. The player chooses from around 50 different parts such as conveyor belts, electric motors, ropes, balls, etc. to set up chain reactions. These parts all react according to a rigid body physics model the way you think they should. For instance, a ball drops onto a light switch, which turns on the electricity to a light bulb, causing the light to be focused through a magnifying glass, which starts the fuse burning on the cannon, which shoots the cannon ball, etc. The goal of the game is to make our monster character, MC, drive his spaceship onto his landing pad. It sounds simple, but these complex reactions create a challenging and fun puzzle play mechanic.

Bryan: Ive seen a screen from the Torque demo and was wondering by any chance will the demo be turning into a game from GG?

Jeff: We will be moving Chain Reaction over to the Torque in order to get our Mac version (Linux as well). In fact, that will probably be the next product Chris works on after Torque ships. Kevin is already working on a Torque game tentatively called Marble Reaction. Roughly, it is a kind of like Marble Madness meets Super Monkey Ball meets Tony Hawk. Should be ready by late Fall 2002.

Check out the official Monster Studios site for more information, and also have a look at the newsletter for many screen shots of the title in action. As Tunnell mentions above, once Chain Reaction is ported to the Torque engine, the Mac version will be available.

GarageGames June Newsletter
Monster Studious

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