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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

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Civilization III: Play the World Details
7:35 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Though many gamers have been aware of Play the World, an expansion set currently in the works for the popular strategy title Civilization III, for several weeks now, details had been sketchy until its unveiling at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last week. Several gaming sites have since put up a wealth of information regarding this anticipated add-on.

The feature probably most anticipated is support for multiplayer games. GameSpot lists several approaches being used, including turn-based, play-by-email, simultaneous, and hotseat modes. The most interesting approach, however, involves a turnless mode that attempts to make for shorter games by eliminating AI phases and forcing players to work within a short time limit on turns.

There are also several new game types to facilitate multiplayer conflict. IGN PC gives a short description on some of them:

We've already heard about the Capture the Flag mode but we heard more details on two more modes that will be included. Elimination is the Civ equivalent of one-shot-one-kill. A player is eliminated if they ever lose a city. Regicide is a bit like chess. Your ruler is represented as a unit on the map. The objective is to capture the other king, thereby eliminating that player from the game.
In addition to the multiplayer features, Play the World will also introduce eight new civilizations, including the Mongols and the Spanish. Accompanying these new civilizations will be new military units, including the Keshik, a Mongol mounted warrior with weapons to spare, and the Conquistador, a Spanish warrior that boasts firearms, lances, and a war dog.

GameSpot also makes note of new structures being introduced:

The new outpost structure can be built outside of city boundaries in order to dispel the fog of war for a certain distance that varies according to the surrounding terrain and elevation of the outpost. The new airfield structure expands air operations beyond what is possible through cities alone, and the new radar tower adds a combat bonus to units within range.
Other features being added include new unit sets for use with the editor, a modification manager in deference to the mod community, and stacked unit movement for land and sea units. While there has been no official word from MacSoft on a port of Play the World, the success of Civilization III on the Mac makes it a likely candidate.

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