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Thursday, May 23, 2002

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E3: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Add-on Announced
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Fans of the FPS title Return to Castle Wolfenstein should be happy to hear that an expansion pack, courtesy of Nerve Software and Splash Damange, is currently in the works. Though the pack has yet to be named, GameSpot recently got to take a crack at it at E3 and have posted their initial impressions online.

The pack includes 10 new single-player missions and 10 new multiplayer levels. New weapons, including grenade launchers and land mines, will also be available. The Engineer class is also receiving several boosts, including the ability to place/disarm the previously mentioned land mines as well as the ability to build structures, including watch towers, machine gun emplacements, and bridges.

A new character class, the Covert Ops Specialist, is also being introduced:

The covert ops class has the ability to pick uniforms off any dead soldiers and assume a new identity. However, other players will be able to discern a covert ops' identity by the player name above the character model's head. Likewise, an undercover covert ops player will lose his or her uniform permanently when opening fire. Additionally, the covert ops class gets the snooper rifle as the default weapon--this weapon was available in Return to Castle Wolfenstein's single-player campaign, but not in the multiplayer mode.
The expansion pack is currently slated for PC release later this year. There are no Mac details as of yet, but with Aspyr's recent release of the original, it seems likely the add-on pack will find its way to Mac gamers as well.

GameSpot - Return to Castle Wolfenstein Add-on Pack Preview
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