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Wednesday, May 22, 2002
GameSpy Checks Out DOOM III
11:41 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Gamespy has posted a first look at id Software's DOOM III. The first look is based on an 11 minute presentation being showed off at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which starts today in Los Angeles.

Here's a snippet from the first look:

One of the first things to understand about DOOM III is that it's not being designed as your typical first-person shooter, where atmosphere often takes a back seat to the action. The game will take a more deliberate pace, to allow gamers to soak in the atmosphere. "One of the design goals of the game is to terrify people," Stratton explains, "we're setting up scenarios to scare people." The demonstration contains a number of moments that illustrate this point, including one where your character is checking out his reflection in a mirror and you suddenly spot another creature off to the side, rapidly charging your way.

While id isn't planning on giving away the entire plot of the game anytime soon, here's what we know so far: DOOM III is basically a "retelling" of the original DOOM, with many of the same characters and themes, and even some returning weapons. Most of the game is set on Mars, where you're a marine recently stationed at the Union Aerospace Corporation, a company with strong military ties doing experimentation with teleportation technology. It seems a few people at the UAC don't exactly have everyone's best interests at heart, and after a betrayal, things quickly descend into chaos, with members of the facility being possessed and turned into zombies. This is where you come in - as one quote from the demonstration put it, "only one man stands between hell and earth... you."

In related news, CNN has posted some four new screenshots of DOOM III. Be sure to check them out.

GameSpy's DOOM III First Look
Doom III Screenshots
id Software
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