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Monday, May 13, 2002

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Falcon 4 Realism Patch 4.0 Available
12:22 PM | Tim Morgan | Comment on this story

The good folks working at the MacFalcon 4 web site have released version 4.0 of their ongoing Realism Patch project, designed to modify Falcon 4 data files to reflect more realistic values for the game:

New 3D Models: An124, C141, J5, J8, Tu160, C5, MiG29A, MiG29C, Su15, AH66, An70, S3, SA9, SA15, SA19

Updated 3D Models: Many included new updates from F4LE.

Updated TacRef: This version adds many entries in the TacReference section complete with new photographs to match.

Data Edits: The Unit rosters have been adjusted to help solve the crash problems some of you have been experiencing.
Published by MacSoft, Falcon 4 is a problematic but very realistic simulation of the US Air Force's F-16 Fighting Falcon set in a fictional war taking place in Korea. There is a large base of third-party modifications and add-ons for the simulator.

Mac Falcon4
Westlake Interactive
MacF4 Forums: RP 4.0 Released!
Realism Patch 4.0 (10 MB)

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Archives  News  Falcon 4 Realism Patch 4.0 Available