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Friday, August 4, 2000
Escape Velocity 3 & Ragnarok News
9:10 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Ambrosia Software's newsletter brings new information on two of their upcoming games. One that many Mac users are anticipating is the next installment in the Escape Velocity series, entitled EV3. Two new screenshots and one small QuickTime movie have been posted to their web site for your viewing pleasure. Here's an update on EV3's status:

In EV3 (the threequell to Escape Velocity), we are working on a huge update to the game -- it's been rewritten so that the graphics engine is 16 bit, handles transparencies, hue tinting, thruster and laser "glowing", and a number of other really cool features. The graphics for the static scenes are all 32 bits of love, and there are QuickTime movies for many aspects of the game (don't worry, they augment the game, we aren't turning the game into an "interactive novel" or anything silly like that).
Ragnarok, not to be confused with the game RUNE, is another title Ambrosia is working on. Here's a clip about the game itself:
Ragnarok marries the 3D OpenGL continuous level of detail, multitexuring, deformable, fractal landscape, texture detailing, fully buzzword-compliant TURF engine with modem-friendly Internet play that's sure to please.

Imagine Road Warrior/Mad Max-style racing in crazy vehicles bristling with heavy artillery -- heavy enough to leave huge craters in the ground, and even level entire mountains on the go. Blast your friends into the next continent while also terraforming the earth and racing for the finish line.

Ragnarok should be moving to Beta very soon, so we'll keep you updated with the latest status as it moves further towards release. A number of new screenshots of this game have been posted at Ambrosia's web site, as well.

Ragnarok Screen Shots
EV3 Screen Shots
Ambrosia Newsletter

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