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Friday, April 19, 2002
Dragon's Lair 3D Previewed
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Gamers waiting for Dragonstone to finish their work on the upcoming title Dragon's Lair 3D should be happy to hear that a preview has been posted revealing plenty of details about this revamp of the classic laserdisc title. Written by GameSpot, the preview goes over the basic mechanics of the game as well as the huge wealth of improvements over the original.

The main departure from the original is the fact that the game no longer adheres to set animations and paths. Dragon's Lair 3D, as the title implies, is set in a full 3D environment that allows players to maneuver Dirk the Daring around at will. In fact, Dirk can now jump, run, slash, and tumble as he sees fit. The one-hit kills from the original have been replaced by a health bar and a mana bar that allows Dirk to make use of magical abilities.

Dirk also comes with a crossbow with which he can fire a variety of arrows. These arrows reportedly can be used for both attacking enemies and solving puzzles. To facilitate combat, a first-person sniping mode and strafing moves are available.

One of the things staying true to the original, however, is the overall look of the game. Using cel-shaded graphics, Dragon's Lair 3D looks extremely faithful to the Don Bluth animation from the original. Fans of the original should be able to recognize many of the castle's denizens.

The previously mentioned magical abilities Dirk will come to possess take the form of dragon pieces:

The dragon's eye gives Dirk the ability to see through false walls, giving them a translucent effect that proves invaluable for finding secret areas. The dragon's scale changes Dirk's trademark chain-mail jerkin into a suit of green dragon scale mail that protects him from fire and heat. The dragon's wing gives Dirk the ability to embark on short flights, although his lack of balance and fear of heights make these trips a laughable event at best, although they are well suited for crossing otherwise impassible pits or traps. One of the dragon pieces also allows for healing, while the last coats his sword in arcane fire, which is useful for defeating particular enemies or activating certain flame-sensitive puzzles.
All in all, it sounds like Dragon's Lair 3D is shaping up to be quite a title. The GameSpot preview fails to mention that a Mac version is in the works, but the Dragonstone site firmly displays that a Mac version is indeed on the way, with an estimated release date of spring 2002.

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