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Wednesday, April 17, 2002
IMG Q&A with Coderus CEO about MacDX
12:41 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

After this morning's story about MacDX, the DirectX-compatible library from Coderus, we received new information from CEO Mark Thomas on the subject. First off, Thomas responded to comments posted on our original story explaining that MacDX is more than just the drawing portion of DirectX:

MacDX doesn't just do graphics; it offers all the interfaces (Draw, 3D, Input, and Sound) which DirectX does. DirectSound is fully supported and available now.
In another exchange with IMG, Thomas also explains more about the licensing for MacDX, their target audience, and plans for future support:
IMG: What are the licensing costs for MacDX?

Thomas: This isn't a straight forward answer as from my experience everybody seems to have a slightly difference business model, so I want to make sure that we are flexible enough to allow everybody to use this technology. The sort of arrangements we're presently looking to do are:

1) Single payment, with no other costs
2) Partial payment and royalties
3) Percentage of profits

Also other factors will be if they want to do multiple ports. We want this technology used so we can see products come faster to the Mac OS, instead of the Macintosh being second/third thought.

IMG: Who is your target audience with MacDX?

Thomas: Any development houses who want to use the DirectX technology. We are happy to work with any size of organization, as our technology implements all the interfaces which you find in the Microsoft DX headers, which some companies might find it would be better to work with us instead, allowing them to concentrate on the porting aspects of the project.

IMG: With which version of DirectX is MacDV compatible? Do you plan on supporting future updates?

Thomas: We are continually updating our technology to be compatible with the latest version of Microsoft DirectX, but they keep on adding new features. And we plan on adding these features as they come available.

IMG: Are there plans to support Microsoft's networking API DirectPlay as well?

Thomas: We have already been investigating whether this can be added to our fold.

Thanks to Thomas for his prompt answers. We'll keep an eye on MacDX as it develops and becomes used in other projects.

IMG News: Coderus Releases MacDX

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