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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

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Apple on WarBirds III and OS X
1:20 PM | Tristram Perry | Comment on this story

Ellen Beeman has posted an overview of WarBirds III for Apple's Games site. The massively multiplayer WWII flight and ground combat simulation is now available for Mac OS X, which makes it just the kind of game that Apple loves.

Beeman focuses on the flexibility of the game, noting the availability of planes, customizable skins for the vehicles, and even the possibility of creating new 3D models. A further advantage noted by Beeman is the expandability of the game itself:

WarBirds III, by itself, could be an excellent standalone WWII combat simulator. But the creators envisioned something much more by adding the multiplayer aspect. They're dedicated to building a community of online players and have over 200 player-organized squadrons.
Jay Littman, WarBird III's executive producer, is on hand to shed some light about the direction that the WarBirds III franchise is taking. An upcoming expansion of the game will include WWI, Korea, and science fiction. According to Littman:
We want to integrate land and ground combat into the multiplayer experience... and for our upcoming "Shock Force" line we're also planning on futuristic battlefields, like hovertanks on Mars, Venus, and the Moon.
Littman also notes that future versions of WarBirds III will be released for Mac OS X only. The article boasts several informative sidebars on subjects like system requirements, a lineup of available craft, some tips on pre-flight preparation, a link to the downloadable demo version, and, of course, the advantages of playing the game on OS X.

Apart from the relentless OS X cheerleading, this article gives a good general introduction to the game's features. For a more comprehensive take on the game, be sure also to read the IMG review linked below.

IMG Review: WarBirds III
Apple: WarBirds III
WarBirds III

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