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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

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Colin's Classic Cards Updated to Version 1.1
10:04 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

News from the Freeverse web site via Ian Lynch Smith notes that Colin's Classic Cards has been updated to version 1.1. This update makes a number of improvements to this game from publisher Aspyr Media, fixing many small glitches and helping out performance for Mac OS X users greatly.

Here's a partial list of what things have changed:

    Performance Improvements:

  • Drawing performance of the game window is significantly improved. People with older machines should find the games much more playable, and Mac OS X users should find that the games use far fewer CPU cycles.

  • A delay between cards played in network games has been removed speeding up game play in network games.

  • The time to quit games is approximately 700% faster. This reduces the time it it takes to switch to a different game and get back on to AspyrWorld.

    New Features in 1.1:

  • Added support for Random Puppets in solo games, enabled with a checkbox in the Puppets dialog. On by default. Each new solo game gets three random puppets.

  • Many network play messages now include more information about who is dealing or who won the trick. For example, "Ian dealt, Colin is bidding."

  • The AspyrWorld window now uses Mac OS X's "Quartz" text drawing for the chat typer and chat history.

  • Hiding the desktop now attempts to switch screen resolutions to 800x600. Hold down the option key when the desktop is being hidden (at startup or when changing it via Preferences) to confirm the the switch. Once the desktop is hidden, if the resolution is switched to something other than 800x600, the games will remember that and use your preferred resolution the next time.

  • When the desktop is hidden, the game window is now larger if the monitor resolution is higher. This allows for a larger chat history area.

  • The Music menu has been removed. We were ahead of our time, but iTunes is just too good at this.

Head over and read through the full post for all of the changes. The updates are available on Freeverse's web site now for downloading.

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