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Friday, April 12, 2002
Master of Orion III Changes Explained
9:46 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

It seems of late that some fans of the upcoming strategy game Master of Orion III have become distressed at the game's tardiness. While it was explained recently that both developer Quicksilver Software and publisher Infogrames wanted to delay release until Q3 to better balance the gameplay, more details have been released to quell fan fears.

First up is a very informative article at Orion Sector with information from Quicksilver's Bill Fisher and Rantz Hosely on the status of the game. It goes into detail on which features haven't survived play testing and generally provides reassurance that the game will be fun upon release.

A forum post from game producer Cory Nelson gives even more information on what they changed and why. Here's a clip:

As something to keep in mind; let me again stress why we're making these changes. The great majority of these are to systems that are already in place and working. We're making these changes not to save us time (because it won't) but to ensure that the game is fun. We've approached each of these items with a few things in mind: Does the feature add value to the product or is it just one more option for the sake of having an option? Does the feature enhance the core of the 5X strategy game that we’re trying to make? Is this feature forcing multiple steps where otherwise they would not be needed? Does this feature take away control from the player? Does it keep the player from having to micromanage? Is the feature confusing? Is the feature fun?
Read the post for a list of the many features changed. We're confident that the final Master of Orion III release will be both fun and addictive. Word is that the Mac version will be done in-house by Quicksilver and is set to be published by Infogrames Mac division MacSoft this fall.

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