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Thursday, April 11, 2002

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Black & White MP Patch Status
10:01 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

New information on the upcoming multiplayer patch for Black & White has been posted recently to the IMG Forums courtesy of Zonic's Dair Grant. This update will enable multiplayer play on the popular 3D "god-game" and is in testing now with a release expected "fairly soon." Unfortunately, the patch won't be cross-platform, and in a second post, Grant explains in detail why it is currently impossible to allow for Mac-PC play:

We spent a lot of time looking at this, and had several conversations with Lionhead about changes they could make to the PC version to improve the portability. However even with those changes, we ran into a couple of issues which simply prohibit it.

The problem is that the network model assumes that exactly the same code is being executed on each client, and due to a couple of differences between Visual C++ (the Windows compiler) and CodeWarrior (the Mac compiler) we can never get them to match.

The same restrictions apply to the Windows version as well - by design, every new PC release breaks compatibility with previous versions just in case Visual C++ has generated different code.

This is a very fragile system, but given it's the way the code works on Windows there's unfortunately not much we can do about it.

While this is a common problem among titles ported for the PC, it's good to see a full explanation of the exact reasons why it can't happen at this time. Stay tuned to IMG for more information on the patch in the near future.

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