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Thursday, August 3, 2000
The Few, the Small, the Bizarre
11:42 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

With so many big-name titles coming to the Mac platform these days, it is easy to get caught up in the hype machine behind these games with million-dollar budgets, and forget about the little gems produced by those just starting out. Macgamefiles has recently served up a trio of games which some might consider primitive -- even crude -- yet nevertheless show the spark of creativity which may one day spawn the next Marathon, or the next Deer Avenger.

While DopeWars is unlikely to win approval from teachers or parents, this little shareware game certainly wins points for originality. Some may dream of saving the world, others of conquering a vast empire, but if you've ever wanted to be a common street thug, this game is for you:

You're a drug dealer on the streets of New York. You have 30 days to make as much money as possible in 6 different cities. It takes you one day to move from each city to the next. You start out in debt to Louie the Fish (the Loan Shark). You're first goal would be to repay your debt so it doesn't get out of hand (as it increases by 15% each day). If you never repay it, Louie will take it from your final cash when you are done with your 30 days, which could mean you'd be in the hole by a few bucks depending on how you did.
Ah, the agony of having your virtual knees broken -- perhaps this game is a cautionary tale in disguise.

Next in line is the diminutive Pizza Rush, a classic contest of memory, reaction time, and proper pre-planning. Deliver Moe's pies to the customers before you run out of gas:

As the only pizza joint in town, Moe's Pizza is often overrun with deliveries to make, and the job is solely on your shoulders to carry the load. Armed with only your car and a map, you must satisfy Doughville's pizza cravings. However, many a pizzaboy have been brought to their knees by this job. You'll have to avoid pushing your trusty car to the limit and running out of gas, as well as making sure all deliveries are made in a respectable amount of time. Who knows, with a little hard work, and a lot of luck, you may even find yourself being tipped generously by the folks of Doughville. Are you up to the task? Can you stake your claim to be one of the finest delivery boys ever?
A noble goal indeed. And finally, Donkey Punch Software, which certainly won't win any medals from PETA for their logo, has released Escape From Jason Whong 1.0, a truly odd little game which will most definitely test the theory that Mr. Whong has a well-developed sense of humor and can take a joke. Supposedly inspired by events which transpired at Macworld New York last month, this crude little gem-in-the-rough (which even includes abuse of copyrighted artwork and animation) proves that games don't have to be fun to be funny. Here's an excerpt from the press release:
Escape From Jason Whong was developed from scratch in an astounding 6
days and its advanced 2D engine incorporates all the latest technoligies
such as creepy floating heads and bright red tiles. It also features
the most advanced Artificial Intelligence in any game on the market
today; yes, our AI is as smart as Jason Whong himself. Our AI
outperforms Jason in many tasks including tying sneakers and catching
elusive members of Donkey Punch Software when "borrowing" his wine.
If Jason Whong's name sounds familiar, you might remember that he is the former Ambrosia Software member who agreed to eat actual bugs if that shareware company shipped a buggy game on his watch, and in fact did indeed ingest a huge variety and quantity of crawly critters on all three days of the Macworld Expo. Jason now works for Green Dragon and is head of Bunch Media, and Donkey Punch better hope that he's too busy to call a lawyer.

There's a twisted little tour of what the independent Mac developers have to offer in the last few days. Sure, these games won't inspire 2 million preorders, but hey - we can't let the fat cats have all the fun. Stop by Macgamefiles to grab all three.

DopeWars 2.0
PizzaRush 2.0
Escape from Jason Whong 1.0

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