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Monday, April 8, 2002
Abducted Site Update
8:16 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Contraband news page was updated recently with a new update on their original Mac/PC thriller FPS Abducted. While still in early development, the team has "been making very steady progress on this game," according to Contraband. A new web site has been put in place for Abducted which includes a number of new screen shots of the game in action.

The Abducted site also gives information on the game's backstory as well as the engine it's based upon. It seems that while the game will take advantage of many of today's modern 3D features, like other upcoming FPS titles such as DOOM 3, Abducted it will need some powerful hardware in order to play:

Our engine is based on in-house, bleeding edge technology. One of the first engines to render everything in real-time without the use of traditional 3D engine "tricks", everything is real-time down to the shadows themselves.

A fully dynamic world environment makes the visuals phenomenal. Every surface is rendered per-pixel with both diffuse and specular bump mapping, and tremendously impressive high polygon scenes throughout. Abducted will have the most impressive environments seen in a game to date.

System requirements aren't finalized yet, but a fast hardware accelerator such as a Geforce3 will be mandatory. Hardware such as the Geforce3 or Radeon 8500 can push millions of polygons around with ease, and Abducted will be right there ready to take advantage of the special features these (and future) cards have to offer.

For more on the game itself head over to the new Abducted site. Contraband plans to release both the game and its editor for Mac and PC "when they are ready, and not a moment sooner." Stay tuned to IMG for more information on the game as it becomes available.

Contraband Entertainment

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