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Friday, April 5, 2002
New Mac Games SIG Opened
7:10 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has recently opened a SIG devoted to Mac games. The SIG (short for Special Interest Groups) has been opened to in order to strengthen the Mac gaming market through means such as proving the viability of the Mac platform as well as offering information to current and future developers of Mac titles.

A forum has also been put up to encourage discussion among those interested in Mac gaming. Moderating the forum are Suellen Adams of Westlake Interactive and Michael Hughes of 13th Floor Gaming. Hughes has officially started off the forum with this posting:

For many of us out there, it has become the norm to receive great games constantly. That is, if you are on the PC, XBOX, or other systems. For those of us on the Macintosh we are constantly forced to suffer the ports of games several months to years after the PC version's are outs. Sometimes with some great games [Half-Life] the project is cancelled before the game can even be finished. However, now we have a dinstinct opportunity. Macintosh has always been held in the face of obscurity. Here you will be able to voice your opinions and get the views on the Macintosh out there. We will probably still have the PC versus Mac debate but we would prefer that this area be used so that people can actually petition for games and show that the Macintosh is a viable platform. It is rapidly re-becoming a major player in the computer industry. For this reason, we must show our support and solidarity for the Macintosh.
Future plans for the SIG include articles, news, features, developers, and interviews.

Be sure to visit the site and help make the presence of the Mac market be known!

IGDA - Mac Games SIG
Westlake Interactive
13th Floor Gaming

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