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Wednesday, April 3, 2002

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IMG Reviews Geneforge
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IMG has posted a review by Christopher Morin of Geneforge, the role-playing game from Spiderweb Software:

Geneforge is an RPG... that delivers a cunning storyline in a world where the class with all the power is called the Shapers. The Shapers, possessors of the oldest and most powerful form of magic, use their skills and magic to create life to do their bidding. The game starts out telling the player that he is a newly frocked Shaper and is being sent to a Shaper colony on a distant island to begin his apprenticeship and learn the secrets of the Shapers. Along the way, the living vessel the Shaper is riding, a dryak, is attacked by a mysterious craft. The critically wounded dryak dies only after rescuing the drowning Shaper and depositing him on a deserted island. You are that Shaper. You are only newly accepted into the Shaper ranks, so your skills are almost non-existent. Also, you realize that this island is one that is marked as "barred" on the map you had with you on your voyage. The only reason Shapers barred an island is if some experiment went terribly wrong. You now have to find a way off this potentially very dangerous island....
Follow the link below for the rest of IMG's review of Geneforge.

IMG Review: Geneforge

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