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Tuesday, April 2, 2002
In Other News: Elite Force 2, Lawnmower, & More
12:16 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

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Gaming News

Elite Force 2 Coming Early in 2003
"Fresh out of my mailbox, the latest issue of PC Gamer (May 2002) features a first look at Star Trek: Elite Force 2! The game is going to be developed by Ritual and published by Activision. According to the article, which is loaded with fantastic looking screenshots, EF2 will continue in the tradition of Elite Force by focusing on story and character. They will also be using the Quake 3 engine for the game. Right now they are planning 12 single player levels, with between one and seven missions per level."

Simon the Sorcerer 3D Screenshots
Here's a collection of 10 screens from Simon the Sorcerer 3D, due out in Q4 2002.

Deus Ex Critique at GDC
"At the end of the last day, The Doug Church and Warren Spector show was perhaps my most anticipated session. Deus Ex and Thief are two of my favorite games, and to see their respective creators pick apart each other's game sounded like a great opportunity to learn more about their designs. It turned out to be the best session of the week."

The Gaming Den at MacGamer
"Every week MacGamer's Gaming Den invites a person who is in touch with the pulse of the Mac gaming world to talk a bit about some of the games that registered on their radar. Whether they be games that were loved, hated or somewhere in between, the Gaming Den lets the guest do the talking. This week our guest is iDevGames' Carlos Camacho, who expounds not only on the games we set out for him, but a lot more as well."

Unreal Tournament 2 Weapons Preview
Unreal Ops has updated its Unreal Tournament 2003 weapons preview with a few new morsels of information.


Geneforge — Applelinks

Anything Goes

PCs that can see?
A small Silicon Valley start-up has embarked on an almost mythological effort: It wants to give computers the gift of sight.

Court Sides With Cussing Canoeist
"A state appeals court Monday struck down Michigan's 105-year-old law against using vulgar language in front of women and children, throwing out the conviction of a canoeist who let loose a stream of curses after falling into the water."

Chickens Lay Eggs with a Little Extra
"Sheep that produce human proteins in their milk, goats that can be milked for spider web proteins, and other genetically engineered animals just got some competition -- chickens that can produce useful drugs in their eggs, researchers reported on Monday."

Web surfers prefer business over porn
"People using Internet search engines are less interested in sex sites and more interested in business, travel and jobs than they were five years ago, according to a study led by a Penn State University researcher."

A year later, do big Web ads work?
"Online advertising may be finally getting some respect. A year after being introduced across the Web, larger, flashier, more intrusive ads have virtually become the standard for online marketing. New research from a leading Web publisher finds that those king-size ads do grab attention."

Man Nabbed for DUI on Lawnmower
"Michael Kocur, 39, admitted in court he was drunk when he was stopped by police on an upstate New York road last July. It is Kocur's fifth drunken-driving conviction. Kocur, of Port Byron, near Syracuse, told Cayuga County Court Judge Peter E. Corning he drove the mower and towed a friend in an attached wagon as the pair picked up trash along the roadside."

The Final Word
Our April Fools giveaway was a tremendous success. We received well over 600 entries and a few "concerned" emails from readers who thought the giveaway was real. One reader even thought about informing the FBI! Anyway, folks, it was just a joke. To those who got fooled...sorry :)

Last week I got Jedi Knight II for the PC and started playing it. Unfortunately my level of wusness is at an all-time high as I seem to be getting motion sickness after playing it for a while. Oh, poor baby! Anyway, so far the game looks great, but I'll reserve judgement until I get further into it. I really have no idea if this game is coming to the Mac... but since it's based on Quake 3 (err, Westlake)... hmmm...

And finally... those pop-under ads at VersionTracker.com are getting majorly annoying. First it's MacCentral, now VT? Anyway, I don't think you'll see any pop-under ads at IMG anytime soon. Thanks to our sponsors and all of you who have bought MacGames CD subscriptions and ordered games through our online store, we don't have to take such drastic measures. Really folks, we appreciate all the support. — Tuncer

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