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Monday, April 1, 2002
id and IMG Team Up for Giveaway!
6:00 AM | Matt Diamond | Comment on this story

id Software and Inside Mac Games are teaming up on an amazing giveaway-- readers who sign up before the end of the day today will be entered in a random drawing to win a genuine M72 LAW "Sloof" rocket launcher!

"Sure, we could have given away the usual: an autographed copy of Quake III, or an official id baseball cap," comments id Software co-founder John Carmack. "But we wanted the prize to be something that really got to the core of the first-person shooter experience. And love it or fear it, the rocket launcher has been the signature weapon of first-person shooters ever since the original Doom."

Inside Mac Games Editor-in-Chief Tuncer Deniz admits, "We'll be reluctant to part with this prize; we've been toasting squirrels with it for the last few weeks just to make sure it works. But our loss will be the gain of one of our lucky readers!"

To enter in the drawing, click the link below.

id/IMG Giveaway

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