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Monday, April 1, 2002

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UT Mod The Third Reich Reaches First Playable
9:45 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Jack Doolan, the Lead Skinner for the upcoming WWII Unreal Tournament mod "The Third Reich" recently informed IMG that the mod has reached the first playable stage and should be shipping soon. Doolan also added that the mod will not only be Mac compatible, the mod can be played on any Mac without the need of a "launcher application".

Here are some of "The Third Reich" features:

  • Real physics for ballistics calculations: bullets are affected not only by gravity, but also by atmospheric variables such as wind, temperature and altitude.
  • Iron sights on weapons: to prevent point and click targeting, iron sights have been implemented for all weapons. The weapons have recoil and the aim has to be re-adjusted after each shot for optimum accuracy.
  • Real damage model: different hit locations have separate health levels -tracked separately by the HUD- and consequences when hit, from instant death to limb crippling. All wounds result in the loss of blood (at different rates depending on the number and type of wounds) which continues until the player is bandaged by a medic. Low blood levels affect the player's movement and, like leg damage, can get him to fall to the ground, forcing him to get up. Massive blood loss or leg damage can make it impossible to get up again.
  • Great movement freedom: the player can crouch, go prone, jump, walk, jog and sprint. All movement is limited by a stamina level, which becomes specially relevant in big maps.
  • A rich environment: large outdoors maps featuring mortars, mines, fixed gun positions with limited ammo, strafing and bombing planes that can be shot down, flags and trees that wave in the wind, bushes that provide concealment for ambushes, etc, all providing a unique atmosphere.
  • Advanced role system that allows the player to choose the kind of soldier he will be and the loadout he will carry.
  • Different game modes with realistic objectives that affect the course of multiplayer games.
  • For more on "The Third Reich" mod for UT, head over to the official web site. We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments.

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