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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

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IMG Examines the Making of Deimos Rising
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IMG has posted an article by Sheryn and David Wareing of Swoop Software on the making of their top-scrolling arcade game, Deimos Rising, which was published by Ambrosia Software in December of last year:

Deimos is our fourth game, following on from Swoop, Bubble Trouble (co-developed with Alex Metcalf in Wales), and Mars Rising. Each of these games has been published by Ambrosia Software, of Rochester, New York. Our aim is to make fun games with an emphasis on gameplay, designing them for average machines such as the iMac, rather than requiring the latest hardware or system software.

After Mars Rising, we needed a break from shootemups and so started work on a new game called "Attack of the Flying Saucers" (AFS). Based on '50s sci-fi films such as "Forbidden Planet," it was similar in theme (though not gameplay or visuals) to Brian Greenstone's recent game "Otto Matic." The design required us to develop some new technology, including a more flexible game engine and fully 16-bit graphics.

Eventually, we realised that AFS would be a longer-term project due to its complexity, and, with some prodding from Ambrosia, our thoughts turned to a sequel for Mars Rising....

The article continues with a look at many of the steps involved in bringing their creation to life and is generously illustrated with sketches and screen shots of the game's artwork and editing tools.

If you're interested in the process of developing and polishing a commercial-quality video game, be sure to check out the Wareing's account at the link below. (The game itself is available for download from our sister site, MacGameFiles.)

IMG Feature: The Making of Deimos Rising
IMG Review: Deimos Rising
Deimos Rising
MGF: Deimos Rising 1.0 (34 MB)

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