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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

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Macworld Tokyo Report on iDevGames
6:00 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Yesterday, Carlos Camacho of Mac game development web site iDevGames.com posted his report on Macworld Tokyo 2002.

Camacho's report is notable for being offered not only from the perspective of game development, but also from (more or less) Japanese eyes, as Camacho has spent a number of years in the country.

Here's a brief excerpt describing the Mac OS X Games Arcade at the Tokyo Expo:

Several top publishers were demonstrating (or were they playing?) their games at the arcade. Ambrosia Software featured Deimos Rising, Escape Velocity Nova, and a game under beta called pop-pop. I spent several minutes studying the beautiful background tiles in Deimos Rising, which I heard were rendered in Bryce. Pop-pop features a great multiplayer mode and cute graphics (Miwa's words). Inside Mac Games has a complete preview posted on this very addictive title. The Escape Velocity Nova crew were the most enthusiastic developers at the arcade. Luke Smart and Dafydd Williams managed to transport me to another universe with their explanation of the game's mechanics and the development process. The game is deep and contains a storyline richer than anything from "Skywalker ranch." With promises of a postmortem from them and way too much SF in my brain, I turned around and came face-to-face with the Terminator. Actually it was Andrew Welch, el Presidente of Ambrosia Software, Inc. (If Arnold is too old or out of shape to do the third film — my vote is for Andrew.)
For the rest of Camacho's report and some photos from the show floor, head over to iDevGames. (And if you haven't yet read our own report by MacPlay's Mark Cottam, be sure to check it out as well.)

IMG Feature: Macworld Expo Tokyo Report
iDevGames: Macworld Tokyo 2002 Report
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