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Monday, March 25, 2002
In Other News: Starsky & Hutch, Payback, & More
2:17 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

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Gaming News

Talking Games with Peter Molyneux — Lionhead's god-maker talks candidly with GameSpy about the past, present and future of games and the studio...

Shadowbane Closed Testing Expands — "Two hundred additional testers were selected from our Beta Database today, to reinforce our continuing Closed testing program. Our third wave of testers will supplement our growing community of nearly 600 testers to work on advanced city building and guild testing systems, and begin the initial stages of balance testing."

Shadowbane Beta Journal — Beta tester talks about Shadowbane. Interesting read.

Starsky & Hutch Mac? — IMG reader Christian Lambert sent us a note about seeing Starsky & Hutch for the Mac on pre-order at Amazon. The item is scheduled to ship September 11th, 2002. Could it be another listing mistake on Amazon's part?

MacGamer Previews Payback — "Up until now, Virtual Programming's Payback has been shrouded in secrecy. Today, Lulio Vargas takes a look at this top-down arcade game, and reveals many details about the upcoming Mac version of the game, including the quotes from the developers."

Medal of Honor Expansion Pack News — "The May 2002 issue of GamePro magazine has been mailed to subscribers and has a cover story on Electronic Arts's PS2 action game Medal of Honor: Frontline, but there are also some new details on Medal of Honor: Team Assault, the upcoming expansion pack to EA's hit WWII action game MoH: Allied Assault. The add-on is due out this fall and will feature a new nine-level single player storyline with more emphasis on working with AI driven team members. Historic World War II conflicts like the Battle of The Bulge and the final Soviet assault on Berlin will be featured and the game will also have nine new multiplayer maps."

Casady & Greene Publishes Captain Bumper — "Casady & Greene has acquired the publishing rights to MacRun's arcade action game Captain Bumper, and are now distributing v1.13! The award-winning Carbon application runs natively in both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9."

Anything Goes

Vacuum-Cleaning Robot Unveiled — "Japanese electronics maker Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. is testing a vacuum-cleaning robot that it hopes to put on the market in Japan in two or three years for nearly $4,000. But the unnamed test model shown to reporters Monday still crashes into chair legs and leaves lots of corners unswept."

Online Gamers Pay for Virtual Objects — "Don't mess with Blyndem Denkilem. He's a Bard in the online virtual game world of EverQuest" whose green Singing Steel Gear armor and Flameweaver sword makes him about as tough as they come. So powerful is Denkilem that his owner, 16-year-old Bill Currie, sold him in an online auction for $600."

New weapons stink or hurt, but don't kill — "Soldiers of the future may have some new weapons in their arsenals: slippery slime, pain beams, noise guns and stink bombs.

Japanese Scientist Makes Frog Eyes — "Professor Makoto Asashima is surrounded in his tiny laboratory by shelves cluttered with bottles of chemicals. Test tubes whirl in centrifuges while technicians pore over data at their desks. The scene is a typical one, but what goes on here isn't. Immersed in water at the bottom of a petri dish are about a dozen frog embryos the size of a pinhead that Asashima uses to create the animal's eyes, ears and other organs."

Thumbs Are the New Fingers for Gameboy Youth — "The use of gadgets such as mobile phones and GameBoys has caused a physical mutation in young people's hands, according to a British Sunday newspaper."

The Final Word
I am pooped. Need sleep! — Tuncer

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