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Monday, March 25, 2002

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GameSpy Talks Unreal Technology with Tim Sweeney
10:47 AM | Richard Porcher | Comment on this story

GameSpy recently conducted a short Q&A session with Tim Sweeney, the founder and lead programmer of Epic Games. Epic, of course, is responsible for the mega hits Unreal and Unreal Tournament. In the interview, GameSpy gets Sweeney to discuss some of the impressive technical details behind the new Unreal engine and how they will improve gameplay in the upcoming Unreal 2.

Here's a brief excerpt from the interview:

GameSpy: Can you tell us what's new in the new Unreal Warfare engine?

Tim Sweeney: We completely rewrote the rendering engine for Unreal Tournament 2003. We now render hundred times higher polygon counts then we've done in the past. Instead of 500 polygons in an average level, in an average scene, you will now see an average of 50-100,000 polygons and sometimes 150,000, so there is a huge, huge increase in the amount of visual detail there. There is also a new material system for getting multiple layers of blended textures. We have a new tool plug-in for 3D Studio Max and Maya so you can build geometry, texture map them, animate objects in them and import them into Unreal rather quickly. It's now really easy to model stuff and get it into the engine.

While no official word has been given on the status of possible Mac ports of Unreal 2 and Unreal Tournament 2003, the success of both of their predecessors on the Mac would seem to dictate that the sequels will be ported as well.

Head on over to GameSpy to find out more about the latest technology in this amazing game engine.

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Archives  News  GameSpy Talks Unreal Technology with Tim Sweeney