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Friday, March 22, 2002

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In Other News: GDC, Oz, Knight Rider, & More
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Gaming News

GeForce4 Titantium delayed in BTO — A story on MacNN says that Apple is having problems building Power Macs with GeForce4 Titanium cards. "The Apple Store is offering users the option to receive a Power Mac G4 with a GeForce4 MX graphics card now and receive a nVidia GeForce4 Titanium when it becomes available at a later date (allowing users to keep the GeForce4 MX at no extra cost)."

Initial Game Developers Conference Photos — Some photos from GDC at

Bungie's Matt Soell on Phoenix — "We won't be issuing any press releases regarding Phoenix (whatever its real name turns out to be) for a while yet, but I did want to confirm that the story on Gamer's Logik is totally untrue, fake, bogus, bereft of fact, etc. Phoenix has nothing to do with mechs and definitely nothing to do with the MechWarrior franchise. Phoenix is still a fantasy game, and while I suppose one could make the case that mechs qualify as 'fantastic' they're not 'fantasy' in the genre-specific sense, and they definitely don't appear in Phoenix."

American McGee Talks Oz — "Oz, as he says, will be a dark and twisted tale of the Wizard of Oz, much like he did with Alice in Wonderland. After Alice he formed a new company, Carbon 6. In about 2 months time they will be 70-80% done with the design and programming on the project will begin. Oh, and PETER GABREIL will be providing the music to the game. Due to Alice's lack of gameplay, American will put more attention to gameplay but will not sacrifice the amazing art style seen in Alice."

Neverwinter Nights Interview — Can't get enough of Neverwinter Nights? Here's another interview with BioWare's joint-CEO Greg Zeschuk.

The Making of Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds — Wanna see how a Star Wars game is made? There are five movies in QuickTime format that give you a glimpse. Battlegrounds will be published by Aspyr Media soon.

Oldschool MacGamer launches — "Today MacGamer is proud to launch a new column, entitled Oldschool MacGamer. Every Friday from here on in we'll get a look at a more 'classic' Mac game which might not be so readily available now but, in its day, was the bomb diggity."

Links Golf Community's April Fool's Open — The Links Golf Community announce their newest tournament: March 25 through April 1, at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge (VGA Tour), 72 par, three rounds, stroke. Champ and Pro Division openings are available.

Game Updates

SkinShrinker 1.0
WarBirds III 032002
Only Mortal 1.0.6
NetHack 3.4

Anything Goes

Lab-grown fish chunks could feed space travelers — "Cooking up ways to feed explorers on long trips in space, scientists have coaxed chunks of fish meat to grow in the laboratory."

Scientists test first human cyborg — "A British university professor has been fitted with cyborg technology enabling his nervous system to be linked to a computer."

A Mac Box Worth Weight in Gold — "A lot of seemingly worthless items are auctioned on eBay every day. But perhaps taking the phenomenon to new heights, an empty cardboard box has just been auctioned for more than $500. The box dates from 1984 and contained one of the first Macintosh computers. The box was sold without the computer."

"Knight Rider": The Movie! — "Revolution Studios is gearing up to revive Knight Rider—NBC's cult hit 1980's action series featuring Hasselhoff as the titular crimefighter aided by his trusty talking Trans Am K.I.T.T.—for a potential big-screen franchise."

Dog Gets Donor's Pacemaker — "Before 80-year-old Dorothea Edwards died last month, she instructed her family to give her pacemaker to a patient who needed it. The recipient is doing fine. She's back on her feet — all four of them."

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones early cut review — Contains lots of spoilers but the bottom line: it doesn't suck.

Picture of the Day

Ok, well, since it's Friday I thought we'd have some fun. In the upper right hand corner is a picture of my PowerBook G4 and if you look closely there's something there. The first person who posts in the Comments what it is wins a free copy of Escape from Monkey Island. I'm looking for two words.

The Final Word

Looks like our DNS issues with have finally been resolved. I had to talk to a lady in the sales department at Dotster to finally get them to fix the DNS. Moral of the story: don't ever let your domain expire (if you bought it through Dotster). Speaking of MGF... we've got a nice surprise coming next week. And no, it's not a demo...

The Radeon 8500 is finally shipping. This is great news for Mac gamers. I'm really looking forward to playing with mine as soon as it arrives. Special kudos to Stan and Chris Bentley.

Here's an interesting tidbit. Although we just began to take pre-orders a few days ago, the Collector's Edition of Warcraft III is outselling the Standard edition by a margin of 10 to 1 in our IMG Store. I know it's a bit expensive, but I've been playing the beta of WC3 and it's worth every penny.

And finally... here's the Tuncer bonehead tip of the day. Don't ever, ever leave your iPod in your car where someone could see it, break into it, and STEAL IT. — Tuncer

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