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Friday, March 15, 2002

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Black & White 1.1.3 Patch Released
8:15 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

As promised early in the week, Feral has released a new 1.1.3 patch for Black & White. This update adds a number of features to the game, as well as a healthy list of improvements from the initial version. Along with the patch is a separate add-on to let you hear your villagers banter. Here's the complete scoop from the Feral site:

New features added:

  • Support for additional screen resolutions
  • Additional creatures
  • Support for custom player symbols/tattoos
  • Support for ATI's FSAA (Full Screen Anti Aliasing)
  • System checks

Bugs Fixed:

  • Creature home page
  • Tattooing the cow
  • Path separators in volume name
  • Game saving

The Villager Banter patch is also available. This add-on allows players to zoom in on villagers and hear their conversations. It is only available in English and is a largish download, so is here separately to spare non-English speakers the download should they not want it.

"Largish download" is about 1.6 MB, and the 1.1.3 Update is only 6.7 MB itself. B&W fans will definitely want to give both a download now.

Word on the upcoming multiplayer patch is also good, so stay tuned for more information on that in the near future. No exact release date is known yet, but Feral expects it to be ready within a month or so.

IMG Review: Black & White
Black & White
MGF: Black & White 1.1.3 Update (4.8 MB)
MGF: Villager Banter for Black & White (1.5 MB)

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Archives  News  Black & White 1.1.3 Patch Released