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Wednesday, August 2, 2000

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Red Faction Diary, Staff Change
9:04 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

IGN has posted the first in a series of new behind-the-scenes looks at Volition's upcoming first-person shooter, Red Faction. In this game you play a character named Parker who's new job as a miner on Mars has taken a turn for the worse. The IGN 'diary' presents a sample of the background story of how Parker got to where he is, and discovered the need to shoot everyone. Here's an excerpt from his story:

I can't believe how stupid I was. Yeah, 'Come to Mars, Help Make a New World!' How could I have believed that crap? I remember laughing at that stuff with my friends. We'd drive up to Chicago and do the big city. We could always tell we were in the wrong parts of town when we started seeing prop-balloons floating over the streets, blaring out corporate BS. Youíd hear incredible lies from the Army, Merc Corps, PDNC, Ultor -- all the big orgs that wanted to put warm bodies in bad places. You wondered who'd buy those lines and sign up. Now I know.
Head over to read more on how Parker got into his unfortunate situation. Red Faction will feature some amazing features, which include interactivity with the game environment -- such as walls and buildings you can destroy, vehicles you can drive, and weapons that can level entire city blocks.

In related news, VoodooExtreme recently broke the story that one of the Red Faction designers, Scott Blinn, is leaving the team to join another company. Blinn confirms this in a thread on the game's message boards. Here's a clip:

Ok everyone, here it goes: Letís see if this helps keep rumors to a minimum. It is true that I will be leaving Volition to go work on the massive online RPG ďHorizonsĒ over at Artifact. The decision is purely personal and there is no bad blood between myself and Volition in any way. As you are all aware, Volition kicks a$$ and the talent here is phenomenal- and Iíll miss them all. The timing and opportunity were right for me to move on and I went for it.

Red Faction will still be the awesome game it is destined to be- my leaving will have little impact on that. We have just about all the groundwork laid for the project and now itís just a matter of doing the tasks. Also, the editor is pretty much feature complete now and only tweaking and bug fixing remain.

I had a great time at Volition and am glad to have been here to be a part of the birth of Red Faction. It was not to be missed. I thank you all for your support both now and in the past. It looks like now Iíll be joining your ranks as an RF fan awaiting for itís release. :-)

Good to hear the game's Winter release won't be too badly affected by his departure. Red Faction is set to be finished for Mac and PC early 2001.

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