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Wednesday, March 6, 2002

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IMG Previews Icewind Dale
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IMG has posted a new preview by AppleMaster Michael Phillips of MacPlay's upcoming Icewind Dale, a fantasy role-playing game set in the Forgotten Realms and developed by Black Isle using BioWare's Infinity engine and the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rule set.

Here's a sample:

Unlike both incarnations of Baldur's Gate that centered around a single protagonist's journey, Icewind Dale focuses on the adventuring party as a whole. When the game begins, players can either create their entire party from scratch or import as many pre-created characters as they wish, but there are no NPCs to be picked up along the way. Furthermore, if a character isn't coping well, such as my poor half-elf Enchanter, they may be dropped from the party and replaced at any time. The new character always starts at level 1 with no gear save a trusty quarterstaff, but gear is easy enough to come by and leveling occurs quickly provided that the newcomer is guarded by his chums for a bit.

I love being able to form my whole party; it allows one to become attached to the entire group rather than just a single member. In Baldur's Gate, there was always at least one NPC that absolutely unnerved me to no end (Ajantis: Worst Paladin EVER!), but such annoyances aren't an issue in Icewind Dale. Players will also be able to export their favorite characters and partake in multiplayer action via GameRanger.

For the full text of our new preview and a gallery of screenshots, follow the link below.

IMG Preview: Icewind Dale
Icewind Dale
Buy Icewind Dale
Buy Icewind Dale

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