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Wednesday, March 6, 2002
3D Displays in Gaming's Near Future?
11:04 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

It was 53 years ago that Ray Bradbury wrote "The Veldt," that seminal story describing what later came to be known as "virtual reality." Although the immersive technology described in his classic (perhaps better known to younger readers from the holodecks in the later Star Trek series) is still far off, could gaming on 3D displays be around the corner?

MacCentral is reporting this morning that one company, Deep Video Imaging, is offering true 3D display technology today. While not holography, Deep Video's ActualDepth technology goes beyond stereoscopy, a technique often used today to produce the illusion of depth on a single image plane, by using two separate image planes layered one atop the other:

They accomplish this by "layering" a translucent LCD atop another, giving the illusion of three dimensions. In other words, the system works by incorporating two separate image planes to give the impression that the unit is displaying images with physical depth. The monitors work with existing hardware and software, and are Mac compatible.
While Deep Video says that its ActualDepth monitors are available now, don't expect to be able to rush out and add that extra dimension to your Quake III or Unreal Tournament gaming any time soon. It's highly likely that support for the 3D display technology will have to be added by developers to their applications, and such support is not likely to be widespread without the interest and support of video chipset and driver developers ATI, nVidia, and Apple, and of the OpenGL Architecture Review Board, none of which will be forthcoming until the price of a 13-inch ActualDepth monitor drops well below the current $3,600.

Deep Video: ActualDepth
MacCentral: Multidimesional monitors for the Mac

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Archives  News  3D Displays in Gaming's Near Future?