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Tuesday, March 5, 2002

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WWII Online Beta Sign-up Issues Addressed
9:26 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Yesterday afternoon, IMG broke the news that Playnet.com has started accepting applications to beta test the Mac OS X client for Cornered Rat's World War II Online. Although the response has been great so far, Playnet would still like a wider range of gamers to apply.

A couple of minor issues regarding forum submission and system requirements cropped up during the sign-up process. According to a post by associate producer Dana "Gophur" Baldwin, the submission routine has been fixed and should work smoothly from now on. He also addressed the system requirements, which some gamers thought were excessively high:

The game is very intensive for both CPU and RAM. This is the reason that we elected to go G4 only at this phase of testing. We currently have Beta testers who are on G3 platforms. Please feel free to apply. It is likely a good idea that we include a few G3s in the testing to see what the minimum should be. We specified G4 simply because less than 400 Mhz will severely limit playability and thus testing. I invite you to apply if you have a G3 and are interested. You may also contact me at gophur@playnet.com so that I know to look for your application.
The beta test sign-ups will be open until Monday, March 18, after which testers will be chosen and non-disclosure agreements sent out.

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World War II Online: Macintosh Beta Application

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Archives  News  WWII Online Beta Sign-up Issues Addressed