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Tuesday, March 5, 2002

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Shadowbane Beta Tester of the Week
9:31 AM | David Finley | Comment on this story

In order to recognize the hard work and competitive spirit of the indispensable Shadowbane beta testers, Ubi Soft posts a tribute to each week's highest-ranking tester. This week, the honors go to Tocca, who managed to reach level 92.

A sample of the praise for Tocca and runner-up Rilkasak:

He's pointed out a few exploits such as the selling "dupe" and being able to place walls with stairs in adventure zones to kill mobs with impunity, as well as gave some good direct feedback regarding gameplay and how people are leveling.

Tocca is also a very dedicated tester; I see him in-game all the time.

Actually he's rank 8 now (82) as is Rilkasak Rilkasak character (80). They've blown past Angus who is still 69.

Tocca is a really good choice. He submitted lots of good bugs!

I'd be comfortable including Rilkasak in that nomination as well. He and Tocca play together a lot and usually find those exploits together. They have definitely worked hard this round to find lots of issues and communicate them up.

For screen shots and more details, follow the "Closed Beta Testers of the Week" link below.

Shadowbane: Closed Beta Testers of the Week
Wolfpack Studios

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