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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

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MacGamer Reviews the Power Mac G4 Dual 1 GHz
10:04 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Our friends at MacGamer posted a review this morning by Rufo Sanchez of the new dual 1 GHz processor Power Mac G4 from Apple Computer.

As befits a review by a Mac gaming web site, it contains benchmark scores for Quake III and Unreal Tournament in both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X using the stock nVidia GeForce4 MX AGP video card, as well as the older ATI Radeon PCI card.

Here's a brief excerpt discussing some of Sanchez's findings:

As you can see, we've got some interesting things going on with the move to Mac OS X. The GeForce4 MX's low-resolution scores are way off the chart, completely crushing Mac OS 9's scores and coming in just below 200 FPS. This is a first for the Mac, so enjoy it, folks. But at the higher resolutions, the game starts to slow down to below even Mac OS 9's speeds. Also, the Radeon clocks in at a very, very low 15 FPS — less then half the Mac OS 9 speeds. Now, I'm no expert at reading benchmarks, so I don't know exactly what should be done here. But it seems to me that something here needs to be optimized. Maybe it's the drivers, maybe it's Quake 3, maybe it's my system, I don't know, but something seems slightly awry here.
Of course, the test that power-hungry gamers still await is a face-off between the upcoming GeForce4 Ti and Radeon 8500 in this most powerful of Power Macs, but for more information about the performance available now, head over to MacGamer for the full text of their review.

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Archives  News  MacGamer Reviews the Power Mac G4 Dual 1 GHz