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Tuesday, February 26, 2002
MOO3 Interview Addresses Mac Development
9:16 AM | Richard Porcher | Comment on this story

In yet another of many interviews focused on the upcoming turn-based strategy title Master of Orion III, Digital Game Developer has posted a new interview with William C. Fisher, president of Quicksilver Software.

In this excerpt, Fisher talks about one of the benefits of cross-platform development:

Our primary programming environment is Metrowerks CodeWarrior, because we're developing simultaneously on dual platforms. This allows us to build for three different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS Classic, and Mac OS X) all using the same source code base. We don't actually have separate Windows and Mac OS source code, except for a few files. This, in turn, gives us some very powerful debugging capabilities, because what appears to work on one platform often breaks on another. Bugs are much more obvious and therefore much easier to find. We can also build in Visual C for Windows, which gives us the ability to use profiling tools like VTune to enhance our overall performance
Fisher also details the hardware used by the programmers and artists at Quicksilver, and much of the interview deals with the technical hurdles the developers faced in bringing this game to life. There is plenty of information to interest anyone looking forward to playing this game.

Master of Orion III is the long-awaited sequel to the popular and innovative turn-based strategy games of galactic empire building and conquest, similar in scope to the Civilization games. MOO3 takes a somewhat different turn from its predecessors in that it shifts focus away from the micromanagement of colonies and ships, and allows the player to delegate that authority to underlings. In fact, MOO3 limits the number of actions a player can take in a turn by assigning action points that can be used to do only a few things per turn. Thus, it's actually impossible for players to completely micromanage every colony, ship, and space battle. Ultimately, the idea is that the player will spend more time doing just the important things without getting bogged down in monotonous details.

Master of Orion III will be published for the Macintosh by MacSoft.

Digital Game Developer: The Development of MOO3
Master of Orion III
Quicksilver Software
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Archives  News  MOO3 Interview Addresses Mac Development