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Tuesday, February 26, 2002
Shadowbane Status
8:59 AM | David Finley | Comment on this story

In case you're wondering about the current status of Shadowbane, one of the most highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing games, recently conducted an interview with Thomas Stitch, a programmer at game developer Wolfpack Studios. Here's what Stitch had to say about beta testing and setting priorities:

The game is coming along really well. We've just gotten into our closed beta phase within the last month, and have gotten some great feedback so far. At this point in development, we're really focusing on getting the client and servers stable and optimized. System bug fixes are the highest on our priority lists. Our goal is to get the game stable, then get the systems debugged. After that, we can shift our attention to tuning the gameplay. That doesn't mean we're not actively trying to do some preliminary tuning of the game at this point though. In a way, building a game is like sculpting. We selected the stone, cut it to size, and have roughed out the shape. Now, we're at the stage where we're getting out the hand tools and adding more definition. By the time we hit open beta, we'll be using the "fine tools" to add in the final bits of detail and finishing touches that'll give it a high gloss shine when it's released.
To learn more of the ongoing saga, follow the "Shadowbane Progress Report" link below. Shadowbane Progress Report
Wolfpack Studios

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