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Monday, February 25, 2002

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GameSpot Previews The Sims Online for PC
9:48 AM | Tristram Perry | Comment on this story

GameSpot has posted a lengthy article that outlines the shape and scope of the next evolutionary step for The Sims. The wildly popular title has been slated for online play for some time, and the piece answers some of the burning questions that die-hard Sims players might have about the game's next phase.

According to the article, The Sims Online will be an entirely new game, rather than just an expansion pack. Among the many changes, the online game will be a subscription-based service, and although gameplay will be similar in many respects to the older versions of The Sims, portions of it will be radically altered. Questions addressed include how money is made, how sims will interact with other human players' sims, buddy lists, and the introduction of top-10 and top-100 lists.

Sims will become much more house-proud, since holding an open house will be the primary income-generating activity in the new version. Neighborhoods will also gain increased importance as they determine property value. The Sims Online will also require a great deal of teamwork and interaction with other players. Forging alliances based on mutual interest will get a you a bigger house:

Over time, you'll be able to save up enough money to upgrade to a larger house, but if you want the quick and easy route to riches, you can partner up with several other players, become roommates, and buy a large house together.
But even with roommates, you will have the option to increase your privacy by designating areas as off-limits:
If you don't feel comfortable letting strangers be witness to all aspects of your private life, you can set private areas within your house that outsiders can't pass through. You can also set combinations or passwords on doors for your roommates and close friends, and you can even set a filter on your house that will limit who can and can't enter — think of this like the invite/ignore functionality of ICQ.
And what would a new Sims game be without new stuff? Well, rest assured, there are lots of new goodies and you can use all the old familiar ones, too:
As you'd expect, The Sims Online will have all of the objects from The Sims and its four expansion packs, as well as around 300 brand new objects, some of which can be used to build and initiate mini-games like human chess, croquet, soccer, and volleyball. Also included in the game will be several new design motifs like the Old West, European, and Moroccan. Additionally, a lot of the characteristics of several old objects are being changed in The Sims Online.
There's a lot more detail in the article itself, but for all its information, the article does not mention the likelihood of a Mac version. Keep your fingers crossed!

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GameSpot: The Sims Online Preview

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