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Monday, February 25, 2002
Major Harpoon3 for OS X Update
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Harpoon3, a naval warfare simulator authored by Jesse Spears, has recently been updated to version 3.4.2. This update includes a wealth of fixes and tweaks for the Mac OS X version, with Spears noting that over a dozen serious bugs, crash bugs, and various types of lockups have been fixed.

A switch has been turned on in the library code that allows that code to perform well in a multi-threaded application, and some crash bugs concerning the "Save As" option have been fixed, as have several so-called "cosmetic" bugs, including the clicking of the close button for windows in the background causing the front window to close, which could cause the loss of the game in progress.

Spears also remarks on a change to preemptive threading:

I switched from three preemptive threads to one preemptive thread (and still the Main cooperative thread that the GUI runs in). Instead of having the Arena, Navigator and Weather running in separate threads concurrently, they now run in one thread, in a more sequential manner. I ran into a lot of problems with the Navigator and Arena trying to use/change the same data at the same time, and it was too much work to try surround it all with "Critical" code sections (it would have required, literally, changes to hundreds of functions). So, it doesn't run quite as fast, but it also doesn't crash nearly as much (and that's a good trade in my book :-).
For those still running Harpoon3 in classic Mac OS, the "Save As" crash bug mentioned above has been fixed here as well.

Those wishing to download the update can find it at the Harpoon3 website. Both the Mac OS X and the Classic update weigh in at around 1 MB.


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Archives  News  Major Harpoon3 for OS X Update