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Friday, February 22, 2002

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Civilization III Patched to Version 1.17f
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MacSoft today posted a patch for their hit strategy game Civilization III, bringing it to version 1.17f. The new patch adds a number of features and improvements, including:

  • Stack movement for units of the same type: This means that you can set multiple go-to orders for units of the same type, in the same tile, with a single order.

  • Civilization Unique Units are now part of the upgrade path: Now you can upgrade a unique unit and they function just like the standard unit they replace with regards to upgrading.

  • Improved unit activation sequence: Units will be selected for orders more logically. There will be less jumping around the screen during your turn.

  • Possible to completely suppress cultural city acquisition with military units: Before there was always a small chance that a city would revert to another stronger culture, regardless of the number of military units you've got stationed there. Now, if you have enough, you can eliminate that chance entirely.

  • Many operations are faster now, including map scrolling.

  • Preferences will be saved in all cases.

  • All sounds and music will play consistently.

  • Native support for multiple mouse buttons and mouse wheels under OS X.

  • In addition to the command key, the option key will now also bring up the startup configuration dialog.

  • Memory footprint has been reduted [by] roughly three megs.

  • Added 1600x1024 as an option for Cinema Displays.

  • Added 1152x768 as an option for Titanium PowerBooks.

  • Changed to a more common Mac resolution.

  • Visual glitches have been fixed under OS X.

  • Uses much less CPU time when paused or hidden.

  • UI actions respond more quickly.

  • Menu no longer appends items twice under the classic Mac OS.

  • Screenshot code works more reliably with more than one screenshot.

Head over to our sister site, MacGameFiles, to download the 1.7 MB patch. For more information about this best-selling strategy game by Sid Meier, be sure to read our review at the link below.

(And remember, if you're a MacGames CD subscriber, you can buy your own copy from the IMG Store for $39.)

IMG Review: Civilization III
Civilization III
MGF: Civilization III 1.17f Update (1.7 MB)
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