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Friday, February 22, 2002
Trade Wars RPG Q&A
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

RPG Vault recently chatted with David Adams of Realm Interactive about the company's upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Trade Wars: Dark Millennium. Old-school gamers will recognize the Trade Wars as a very popular BBS title from the days before the World Wide Web. The interview focuses on the shift in Trade Wars from strategy to more of a role-playing title.

Many topics are discussed, including specific RPG elements, server issues, and Realm's plans to get the title out before the end of the year. While Realm Interactive won't ship a Mac version initially, they do plan on providing a client after the Windows release.

Here's a clip from the interview which gives a good overview of their goals for the game:

Jonric: As an introduction to Trade Wars: Dark Millennium, please give our readers a summary of how you see it. How would you categorize it in terms of its genre or mix of genres?

David Adams: Dark Millennium is a massive online science-fantasy role-playing game. It combines Diablo-like gameplay with the persistence of Everquest and a dash of StarCraft. The player assumes the role of hero extraordinaire in a dark futuristic world where technology and mysticism intertwine. The hero's adventures will take them to alien planets, uncharted sectors of space, deep into the bowels of ancient catacombs and through the ruins of derelict space hulks.

Primarily, Dark Millennium is a role-playing game. This means that the player experiences the world through the eyes of their avatar, which grows and improves through the course of play. In addition to standard RPG play, Dark Millennium also has elements of an RTS, which are experienced through the game's robust quest system.

The rest of the interview is very interesting, so be sure to head over and read it for more details. Also check out the new screen shots for a good idea of how Trade Wars will look.

RPG Vault: Trade Wars: Dark Millenium Interview
Trade Wars: Dark Millenium

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