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Monday, February 18, 2002

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Mac Civilization III Patch Changes
6:00 AM | David Finley | Comment on this story

A recent thread on the comp.sys.mac.games.strategic newsgroup discusses the upcoming Mac patch to the popular turn-based strategy game, Civilization III. Brad Oliver of Westlake Interactive responded to gamer Chris Riker with a list of Mac-specific fixes that will appear in version 1.17f:

  • Faster operations including map scrolling and Quartz text rendering.
  • Saving preferences is much more reliable.
  • More consistent playing of sounds and music.
  • Native support for multiple mouse buttons and mouse wheels under OS X.
  • In addition to the command key, the option key will now also bring up the startup configuration dialog.
  • Reduced the memory footprint by roughly 3 megs.
  • Additional resolution options.
  • Elimination of visual glitches under OS X.
  • Pause and hide functions will use less CPU time.
  • Some UI actions respond more quickly.
  • Apple menu no longer appends items twice under the classic Mac OS.
  • Pressing F7, F8 or F9 won't require you to click the "X" multiple times to dismiss an advisor window.
  • Screenshot code works more reliably with more than one screenshot.
  • No more crashes during diplomacy or when converting citizens to specialists.

For those who can't wait for the patch, Oliver also offered an immediate solution for the preferences bug:

As for the preferences not sticking, there's a workaround fix in the interim. Open up the Civ3 Preferences file with ResEdit or Resorcerer and it'll prompt you about missing a resource fork. Create a resource fork then save the file. From then on, the prefs will stick. The patch will of course take care of this automatically.
For further gameplay improvement tips, click on the newsgroup link below.

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