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Friday, February 15, 2002

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MacGamer on Selling Diablo II
9:19 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

MacGamer has posted an interesting article that takes a look at an unusual phenomenon that has created a new economic stream from an unexpected source: online multiplayer games such as Diablo II. The advent of fervent, addictive gaming of this kind makes virtual items a real-world commodity, and young gamers who click into this trend are making the most of it.

Here's a taste from the MacGamer article authored by Corey Tamas:

The new trend of massive online gaming has created a strange but very real sliver of the economy which involves selling virtual items to other players. A player might acquire an item which is extremely rare while in the game, but the odds are he or she probably won't. Those who do have the precious items know this and have taken to auction websites such as Ebay and offered to transfer the ownership of the in-game item to the highest bidder. To my parents and most of society in general this might sound pretty ridiculous, but then again only gamers understand how important the game is and, therefore, these items sell. Rumors of Everquest items selling for thousands of dollars on Ebay has circulated, and Diablo II is no different in this way. The difference is that Verant put their foot down and threatened to suspend an Everquest account that is connected with the selling of in-game items, whereas Blizzard has put their energy into plugging all the holes they can find in Diablo II which might qualify as cheats and otherwise declare "May the best man win."
Be sure to check out the entire story, including an interview with a Diablo II gamer who explains how the whole thing works.

MacGamer: Selling Diablo II
Blizzard: The World of Diablo
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