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Friday, February 15, 2002

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Workaround for Black & White Installer Bug (Updated)
12:30 PM | Richard Porcher | Comment on this story

A user inquired in the MacGamer forums about an installation problem with Black & White, the God-game simulation from Lionhead Studios that was brought to the Mac by GraphSim. Apparently the installer was failing to recognize one of the CD-ROMs, causing the process to hang.

Here is what the gamer had to report:

After BW installs the Game Disk, a dialog comes up... "Please insert Data disk." The only button on the dialog is "Stop," which of course cancels the install. Funny thing is, the Mac just sits there. I tried pressing Eject on the CD Drive, I tried pressing Command-E, even manually ejecting the disk and replacing it, but it won't acknowledge the new disk after a manual eject.
After a bit of troubleshooting, Ian Bullock of Zonic was able to offer a workaround for users who may be experiencing this problem. The problem, which only occurs in Mac OS 8.6, requires a bit of extra hard disk space to get around but otherwise does not affect gameplay. This is what Bullock suggests:

  • Create a temporary folder on you desktop or HD.

  • Insert the Game CD.

  • Drag the "Black & White Game" CD icon from your Desktop into your temporary folder. Note: Drag the Icon of the mounted CD, do not open up the CD and drag its contents.

  • Eject the Game CD (very important) and leave the CD tray open.

  • Now run the installer from within the "Black & White Game" folder inside your temporary folder.

  • Once the first batch of files have been installed, it will ask you to insert the Data CD — but still won't eject the CD tray. This time though, since the CD tray is empty, you can press the hardware eject button on your CD tray and insert the Data CD.

  • Once the Data CD has mounted, the installation will complete.

Gamers who are experiencing this issue with Black & White should read the rest of what Bullock has to say in the MacGamer Forums. Follow the link below to find out more.

Update: Within the past hour, Bullock posted a comment to this story offering a much simpler workaround:

The installer puts up a modal dialog asking for the second CD so it is not possible at that stage to switch out to the Finder and eject the CD.

However, it is possible to switch to the Finder before that, then when the installer asks for the second CD, simply drag the first CD to the trash and off you go.

I should note that we have had reports of the CD not ejecting in Mac OS 9.1 as well. I can't tell you how frustrating this is, we spent weeks working with Installer VISE to get this working reliably. It's hard to believe that it is now causing problems.

Follow the "comment" link above for more.

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Archives  News  Workaround for Black & White Installer Bug (Updated)