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Tuesday, August 1, 2000

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New Red Faction Movie
10:58 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

PC Gamer magazine has created a new movie of the upcoming shooter Red Faction that has been posted by various sites. The movie shows off Red Faction's most impressive feature, the Geo-Mod engine. As the movie reveals, due to this unique engine you will be able to destroy walls, ceilings, and even the floor. An impressive sequence in the movie shows how you can take a guard tower and within second make it collapse into a pile of dust. Although the Geo-Mod concept is not new, Volition is working hard on perfecting it, adding a whole new level of destruction to your gameplay.

A new underwater sequence has been added, proving that this is certainly a very powerful and flexible engine. You will be able to use vehicles to go virtually anywhere, as you can plow through certain walls in order to access difficult areas.

Red Faction is being developed by Volition, the team behind the RPG Summoner, which is also due for a Mac/PC release. For the sake of pure trivia, Volition is the sister company to Outrage Entertainment, developers of the PC version of Descent 3. Red Faction is due this Winter for PC, with a Mac version to follow.

Red Faction Movie (20 MB)
Volition Inc
Red Faction

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