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Friday, February 15, 2002
eQuake Fragged
6:00 AM | Sean Smith | Comment on this story

Developer Frank "pOx" Condello, best known for Paroxysm and for his continuing work on the Mac GLQuake Project, reports the demise of eQuake, his enhanced Quake engine project, and the release of its source code:

As many already know (or have deduced), my plans to create an enhanced Quake engine for the Mac modding masses have come to naught. In other words: eQuake is dead. Despite what some may believe, I am not pursuing a Quake 2 based project nor do I have any plans to revive eQuake. Seems I've been spending all my free time Carbonizing Mac GLQuake and GLHexen 2 and frankly that has taken the wind out of me.

As promised (albeit a little late), here is the final eQuake source release — use it in good health, just don't blame me when your system explodes (seriously — it ain't pretty).

In addition to providing the latest eQuake source, pOx's Playhouse remains the foremost site for Mac Quake editing tools as well as the home of Paroxysm, Condello's Mac-created deathmatch conversion that pushed the frontiers of Quake mod making.
This site will progress at the regular snail's pace, some links have been fixed in this update but no new content will appear any time soon. The Message Forum is always a good place to get answers to your Quake'n questions, and work on some side projects continues, so don't delete that bookmark just yet!
[Tristram Perry contributed to this story.]

IMG News: GLQuake & GL Hexen 2 Carbon Updates
GLQuake & GLHexen 2 for Mac OS
pOx's Playhouse
eQuake 0.2d2 Source (1.3 MB)

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