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Thursday, February 14, 2002

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IMG Reviews the F-16 Combatstick
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IMG has posted a review by Tim Morgan, our resident flight simulator guru, of the F-16 Combatstick by CH Products.

Here's a brief excerpt:

The Combatstick is designed more or less after the FLCS (flight control system) used by the F-16 Fighting Falcon. On its front surface are two four-way hats and two buttons. Along with the trigger, three other buttons pepper its column. On the base are two trim wheels and a small slider, which I tentatively assumed could be used as a throttle. All of this sat on a large, weighted base, keeping the joystick in place on my desk.

Although the layout of the stick may match the F-16ís, it feels nothing like its real-life counterpart. The F-16ís FLCS only moves about a half-inch in any direction; the pilot applies various amounts of pressure to alter the roll or pitch rate of the plane. Contrariwise, the Combatstick offers almost no resistance to movement, allowing the player to fling the column around easily. Whether users will find this enjoyable or awkward depends on personal taste.

You can read our full review at the link below.

IMG Review: F-16 Combatstick
CH Products

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