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Thursday, February 14, 2002

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Civilization III Patch May Be Delayed; OS X Tips
9:52 AM | John Rousselle | Comment on this story

Players waiting for the forthcoming Civilization III patch may have to wait a little bit longer. Although MacSoft recently confirmed that a Mac patch was in "final testing," Brad Oliver of Westlake Interactive dropped by the IMG Forums last night and indicated that they just learned that a new version 1.17f for the PC will be coming out Friday. Because of this, Westlake may hold the Mac patch to roll in any bug fixes and changes from this new PC version.

In another forum thread, MacSoft's Nate Birkholz recently responded to Civ III users who are experiencing slowdowns in the game under Mac OS X. Birkholz had the following advice for OS X users who find that the game becomes sluggish when accessing the advisor screens:

This is the place in the game where Quartz slows down drastically. If it bogs down for you (and it seems to bog down more for some users than for others), disable Quartz to speed things up....

I'm afraid that this issue seems to be due to the way Quartz works.

Another possible slowdown is if you have the Civilopedia cursor on (although it is more noticeable in the City screen than anywhere else). Uncheck Show Civilopedia Book Cursor in the preferences to see if that improves cursor performance.

These tips may help players until the new patch arrives, which, according to Oliver, will "probably be another week or two."

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Archives  News  Civilization III Patch May Be Delayed; OS X Tips