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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

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GraphSim Posts Red Faction Links
6:00 AM | Tristram Perry | Comment on this story

The kind folks at Graphic Simulations have put together a list of web sites hosting extra single-player and multiplayer content for Red Faction. Seven links to maps, mods, and more are currently posted.

The company's Red Faction FAQ describes how to use user-created maps:

To play a user map file, create a folder in your Red Faction folder called "user_maps". Then, inside the "user_maps" folder create three new folders. Label one folder "multi", label the second folder "single", and label the third folder "textures". Players will be able to play / join a game by placing a copy of the levels VPP file into the appropriate folder in the "user_maps" folder. Place SP (single player) maps in the "single" folder and DM (Death Match), Team DM, and CTF (Capture the Flag) maps in the "multi" folder.
The company has also invited Red Faction fans to send in their RF-related web sites, so there's a strong likelihood that this list will grow.

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