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Wednesday, February 6, 2002
Aliens vs Predator and Giants Updates
6:00 AM | Eddie Park | Comment on this story

Mac game publisher MacPlay yesterday released new patches for both Aliens vs Predator and Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

The Aliens vs Predator patch, which brings the version number up to 1.0.3, addresses a bevy of issues with Mac OS X, including mouse movement and OpenGL problems:

  • Fixes stuttering with rapid mouse movement and mouse buttons 4 and 5 work in OS X
  • Fixes OpenGL failure.
  • For systems that cannot start the OpenGL renderer in OS X, the game will switch to software rendering.
  • Minor code optimization.
  • Fixes from previous versions (included in this version):
    • Fixes issues between Aliens vs. Predator and Mac OS X 10.1.2.
    • Fixes flickering of cursor.
    • Fixes gaming going into window mode in 10.1.
The Giants patch, which brings it up to Build 7, mainly includes some GameRanger tweaks:
  • Text resizes in the game lobby when in 640x480 mode.
  • Skips to the main menu of Giants when launched from GameRanger.
  • Minor GameRanger improvements. Multiplayer Support Added.
  • Mouse config stays constant after exiting on 10.1.x systems.
  • PowerBook G4 Titanium incompatibilities remedied.
Both the Aliens vs Predator and the Giants patches are available at MacPlay's downloads page. They weigh in at 7 MB and 4 MB, respectively.

IMG Review: Aliens vs Predator: Gold
IMG Review: Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Aliens vs. Predator: Gold
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
MGF: Aliens vs Predator 1.0.3 Update (7 MB)
MGF: Giants: Citizen Kabuto Build 7 Update (4 MB)
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