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Monday, February 4, 2002
Liquid Destiny Update on Crimson Deep
10:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Mac-only developer Liquid Destiny recently sent out word they have updated their web site with a new look. On it you will find information about the young company as well as their first Mac game project, The Crimson Deep. The title takes place in a post-nuclear fallout future, in which people have been forced to abandon Earth for a watery planet called Blue Bright. Crimson Deep calls itself an aquatic flight simulator, and it boasts a number of features:

A first person perspective is your view in the action as players pilot small, maneuverable fighter submarines.

Our goal for this title is nothing less then to do it right. This title will host a number of features including:

  • Plot driven solo campaign
  • Multiplayer action for a yet unspecified number of people
  • GameRanger support (how could we leave it out!)
  • Detailed environments (none of this seeing 5 km under water)
  • World Editor written for OS X
  • Game support for both OS 9 and OS X (and not just a Carbon knock off)
  • And a whole host of other cool goodies
The team is looking for more artistic and programming help, so if you'd like to participate, head over and give their site a look. No screen shots of Crimson Deep are yet available, though they do have some concept art and early 3D renderings already up for viewing.

Liquid Destiny: The Crimson Deep

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Archives  News  Liquid Destiny Update on Crimson Deep